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4 Things that surprised us in Sydney !

4 Things that surprised us in Sydney !

First impressions and differences on arrival in Sydney. The arrival in Australia was accompanied by a great euphoria and enthusiasm to discover a new country, a new continent and a new culture.

1 – Nature and Parks in the city

First of all we had a very good ‘’surprise” about the green spaces and wild animals that exist in Sydney.
It’s incredible how many parks to practice sport that exist scattered throughout the city. All areas of the city have at least one large park where people practice all kinds of sports – cricket ,football, soccer, fitness classes, athletics, yoga, among many others.

Football game in Sydney, park

The amount of trees, shrubs, big and small parks that exists everywhere allows the existence of the most varied range of birds to live outdoors. It is possible to find Cockatoos, crows, giant bats, Australian white Ibis and many other species.

Cockato a white parrot in a three


Australian white ibis bird in Sydney park

Australian white ibis

Another thing we also find in the city were cobwebs, often with the spiders near by, but there is no need to fear, It’s very rare for a dangerous’s spider to appear in these parts. It’s also normal to find lizards (with a big size) in some areas outside the city center. The relationship between people and animals is very harmonious and it seems that everyone understands each other and live in the same space completely at ease.

2 – Aussies

The second thing that caught our attention was that the Australians (Aussies) like to mingle and approach for everyone on the street for a little chat about anything that comes to mind. It has happened to us in so many places like on the beach, at the bus stop, at the mall, on the street while we took pictures,… The conversation can be about any subject, is always in a friendly way and in a good disposed mode. People like to talk, they are polite and naturally happy with the life.

A man with a australia flag, Australia day

3 – Tap Water

In third place we gonna talk about “Tap Water”. Here in Australia the running water is not paid! So in all restaurants there is Tap Water, which in other words is current’s water for customers. When arriving at an establishment someone brings to the table a bottle and glasses for all the people can drink at will. Here it is possible to go to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner and not spend 1 dollar with a drink, even in discos and bars there are bottles of water with glasses for people to consume freely.

A botle of water and a glass, its a normal tap eater in a restaurant in cairns

4 – Asian People

The last thing we would like to highlight and perhaps (in our opinion) the most unexpected thing, is the amount of Asians that live in Sydney. There are thousands upon thousands of Asians in Sydney, they are everywhere, not just in Chinatown.

Asian people close to Opera House in Sydney, we can see the harbor and some buildings

The geographic proximity helps to perceive this phenomenon but we couldn’t imagine that the Asian population was so big here. Therefore is very easy to find Asian restaurants, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc … We love Chinese food and Sushi and we are really happy with some amazing dishes that we’ve tried until now.

So this it was what surprised us most in the early times in Sydney.

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